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Article: Understanding Skin Microbiome

Understanding Skin Microbiome

Understanding Skin Microbiome

What is the microbiome?

The most well understood role of the skin is that it serves as a barrier between the human body and its external environment, preventing loss of moisture at the same time as preventing the entry of UV radiation, toxins, pathogens, allergens, and irritants.

However, the skin is also a biologically-active ecosystem in which diverse communities of micro-organisms live in a variety of physiologically and topographically distinct sites.

These microbial communities and their collective genome are known as the skin microbiome. The  skin  microbiome  is  increasingly  recognised  as  an  integral  component  of  the  skin  ecosystem, being vital for optimal skin barrier function.

Microbiome it’s just as important as other valid skincare movements. In fact, recent studies show just how crucial our cutaneous microbiome’s role is in skin health and why it shouldn’t be overlooked if we want a healthy, glowing complexion.

A compromised cutaneous microbiome means a weakened skin barrier that can allow:

  • inflammation
  • redness
  • peeling
  • and even infections

How to get a healthy skin barrier?

If you already follow a healthy skincare routine packed with natural beneficial ingredients then you’ll probably find that you’re well on your way to a balanced skin microbiome.

Ingredients that we need to be on the lookout for are prebiotics, which promote the growth of ‘good bacteria’. 

Healthy skin barrier is important to us as a skincare brand. For that reason, we have include ‘Saccharide Isomerate’ and 'preBIULIN FOS™' to our product MARIA.

  • Saccharide Isomerate boosts the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) of the skin and stimulates the synthesis of ceramides. It improves and strengthens the skin barrier function and studies have shown that it gives deephydration that lasts for 72 hours.
  • preBIULIN FOS™ (Inulin, Fructose)  is a polyfructose extracted from chicory roots that preserves and protects the skin by re-balancing the human skin microbiota to form a natural defensive shield against the environment. Protecting, reinforcing and balancing the human skin microbiota is an essential strategy in preserving our skin health and beauty.


Our Maria serum contributes to a health barrier function and restoring to help skin hold in its own natural moisture.



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