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“Catarina Barbosa Skincare” originates from a beautiful coastal town called Vila Nova De Milfontes in the Vicentine Coastline in Odemira-Portugal. Named for its unique tradition, Vila Nova de Milfontes is in existence well over a century. Vila Nova de Milfontes is popular not only for its coastal beauty but, also for its moderate weather with abundant sun all around the year. Europe’s cleanest river with an estuary is pure bliss to witness and to top it all, an impeccable gastronomic culture with fresh seafood in abundance.

At “Catarina Barbosa Skincare”, we use the finest quality green products that are developed to improve your skin. Ingredients are decided for all our beauty lines by spending several hours of research on the elements that are a perfect blend to its premium products.

In our state-of-the-art laboratory at Vila Nova de Milfontes in Portugal, we combine purely natural ingredients with advanced science to harness the true power of nature. Here, through relentless research, combined experience plus trial and error, we have created our remarkably skincare collection

All of our products are individually handmade onsite and assigned their own batch numbers, guaranteeing the utmost transparency, traceability and integrity. 


Our mission is to create an authentic and transparent natural skincare line that delivers visible results whilst using sustainable ingredients.



  • We believe in the simplicity of nature and the benefits that each plant can bring to our products.
  • Our formulas go exactly where they’re needed to fully revitalise and hydrate the skin.
  • Everyone deserves a great skin and our ingredients are exclusively chosen based on their individual properties also resulting effectiveness to improve your skin.
  • Our passion is to provide the highest level of pure plant-based beauty products.


What sets us apart?

  • Products Inspired by Great Portuguese Women
  • Our products are for women who make their well-being a priority.
  • We are a brand that strives for the innovation of cosmetics, combining science and natural ingredients.
  • Everything we do depends on the quality of our products, so transparency is a key part of our brand's DNA.
  • Our products are made for those who expect the best and want the most results from their skincare.
  • No outsourcing. We do it all ourselves in our lab in Vila Nova de Milfontes.   




(CEO and Certified Skincare Formulator)



As an honours degree holder in chemical engineering with a passion for cosmetics, I got deeper and deeper into cosmetics formulation. I was and am still curious about how they create and the type of ingredients was used in their cosmetics development.

My ambition to become a successful professional skincare formulator began when I decided to educate myself more about the benefits of natural and botanical ingredients in the skincare range I wanted to create.

Alongside my passion, my determination, perfection, attention to detail and chasing my dream led me to gain tremendous experience and knowledge to become a successful professional in the cosmetics sector. Meanwhile, I had an opportunity to add another feather to my hat by enrolling myself at the 1st accredited organic school – “International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program” from Formula Botanica.

"Catarina Barbosa Skincare" began with a goal by developing bespoke high-quality products that would make my customers feel inspired, comfortable and confident.

As I developed my brand “Catarina Barbosa Skincare”, I began with a promise to inspire women across the planet in their day-to-day lives, their sacrifices, their contribution and most importantly to honour them for all they all have been doing. “Catarina Barbosa Skincare” premium line of cosmetics are truly a tribute to the Greatest Portuguese Women and the women we all are.

I surely believe that you will enjoy my products as much as I do and feel free to explore and choose the products from my skincare line here.