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Isabel - Gentle Cleansing Oil

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Immerse yourself in the luxury of our gentle cleansing oil, enriched with exceptional plant-based oils like Rice, Oat, and Sweet Almond, designed to nourish and enhance suppleness. Upon contact with water, this lightweight cleansing oil metamorphoses into a rich cleansing milk, delicately hydrating and softening the skin while effectively removing makeup, excess oil, pollution, and impurities.

Our cleansing oil expertly breaks down makeup, excess sebum, and dirt, preserving your skin's beneficial bacteria. Revel in the aftermath, as your skin feels smoother, softer, and looks more radiant.

Formulated for all skin types.



"Catarina Barbosa evokes an ode to the quintessential woman, speaking to a quiet romance. Its traditional values resonate with mindful, heritage inspired and luxury driven women, conveying a sense of self, home and consciousness. Catarina aims to educate on simple, relevant, timeless and relatable skincare, making it intimate and familiar. Catarina lives in every women and stands as an ode to the greatest Portuguese Women. Ultimately, as a continuous celebration of women and their endeavors."



Ectoin can prevent and repair cell damage and inflammation caused by all sorts of stress factors, thereby preserving the skin´s beauty and health.


Have Inta-inflammatory and regenerative properties due to Linoleic acid. Its high content of phytosterols is also supposed to contribute significantly to these effects, as well as to restore the impaired barrier function.


Rice bran oil contains high levels of vitamins B, vitamin E and omega-9, which make it ideal for massaging, cleansing and moisturizing.


"Catarina Barbosa's focus rests on mindful and traceable sourcing, securing a short and highly-controllable supply-chain that helps us assess and deeply attest for the highest quality testing. Integrity stays at the forefront of our strategy, leading our efforts into sourcing the ingredients. With the highest level of concentration to accurately and effectively deliver the maximum results. Catarina Barbosa's range features pure and natural ingredients, not only sustaining but also strengthening our very own approach to timeless beauty and healthy and sustainable views on the a skincare routine. With this goal in mind, we as brand trump ethical suppliers that believe in fair trade and environmental conscious as much as we do, creating an energetic synergy whilst boosting our belief system and methodology.

Our premise is global and concerted, which means that each Catarina Barbosa's item is carefully packed With botanical extracts, enriching our take on how to protect and restore our skin without compromising the world we live in."

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mafalda Fonseca

Fiquei encantada com este produto. Muito suva no rosto e deixa a pele muito limpa. Remove muito bem a maquilhagem!! Fiquei surpreendida pela qualidade.

Recomendo sem dúvida.

Maria Gonçalves
Deixa a pele limpa e suave

Uso de manhã e á noite e tenho gostado muito! Limpa muito bem e deixa a pele suave após a limpeza.

Recomendo para quem tem pele sensível, pois é muito suave!!
Já vou no 2 frasco!!

Luísa Cabral
Muito suave e delicado

Quero apenas dizer que logo que chegou fui logo testar o produto e adorei!!
Muito suave e retira muito facilmente a maquilhagem. Retirei o produto do rosto primeiro com discos de algodão e depois com água e adorei como a pele ficou limpa e super macia.

Super recomendo e não é necessário utilizar muito.