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AMÁLIA - Intensive Facial Oil

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Amália oil is a revitalizing elixir designed to breathe new life into your skin. Infused with the finest oils sourced from nature, including Prickly Pear, Argan, Rosehip, Camellia, and Pomegranate, it combines antioxidants like Vitamin E, Edelweiss and Bakuchiol.

This golden yellow-orange serum gracefully envelops the skin drop by drop, unveiling a sensual and sophisticated scent of Bergamot and Red Mandarin. Experience a transformation with a smoother, more even skin texture, and a radiant glow with just a single drop.

Formulated for all skin types including oily and acne prone skin types.

Winner 2024 for Best Facial Oil for Mature Skin


"Catarina Barbosa evokes an ode to the quintessential woman, speaking to a quiet romance. Its traditional values resonate with mindful, heritage inspired and luxury driven women, conveying a sense of self, home and consciousness. Catarina aims to educate on simple, relevant, timeless and relatable skincare, making it intimate and familiar. Catarina lives in every women and stands as an ode to the greatest Portuguese Women. Ultimately, as a continuous celebration of women and their endeavors."



Showed significant improvement in lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness and overall reduction in photo-damage without usual retinol-associated undesirable effects.


With high-performance antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties.


Enhances cellular renewal, provides protection against UV induced damage, can help improve the overall texture of the skin and anti-aging properties help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


"Catarina Barbosa's focus rests on mindful and traceable sourcing, securing a short and highly-controllable supply-chain that helps us assess and deeply attest for the highest quality testing. Integrity stays at the forefront of our strategy, leading our efforts into sourcing the ingredients. With the highest level of concentration to accurately and effectively deliver the maximum results. Catarina Barbosa's range features pure and natural ingredients, not only sustaining but also strengthening our very own approach to timeless beauty and healthy and sustainable views on the a skincare routine. With this goal in mind, we as brand trump ethical suppliers that believe in fair trade and environmental conscious as much as we do, creating an energetic synergy whilst boosting our belief system and methodology.

Our premise is global and concerted, which means that each Catarina Barbosa's item is carefully packed With botanical extracts, enriching our take on how to protect and restore our skin without compromising the world we live in."

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jasmin Rodrigues

Não estava à espera que fosse gostar tanto do óleo Amália e como a minha pele fica após o seu uso. Uso à 1 mês e a minha pele melhorou imenso. Uso de manhã e à noite e tenho visto melhorias significativas numas pequenas rugas que tinha, estão muito mais preenchidas e a minha pele já não está tão seca. Já não vivo sem e recomendo a quem tenha pele como a minha (seca e com algumas rugas, tenho 45 anos), que o use. O melhor!!

Obrigada Catarina

Feel good product

Im using Amália for 2 weeks now. First I spray Eunice all over my face to calm it and prepare the skin for the next product. Then I apply Amália (3 to 4 drops) and massage for some seconds. I do this routine at night so my skin has the entire night to benefit from it .
The next morning my skin is bright and hydrated :) I love it !

Marie Paule Simon

The best facial oil I ever used. I love it.


I like. It is the best oil I ever used.

Maria Beatriz

Adorei o óleo facial.
Deixa a minha pele muito nutrida durante o dia. Espalha-se muito bem no rosto.
A fragrância é divinal. Um must-have para ter sempre connosco.